Sleep Tight - Demo

by Offend You

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released October 18, 2014

Recorded and Mixed at The Earth Capital
Master by Azimuth Mastering



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Offend You California

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Track Name: Bleeding Gums
Just open your fuckin eyes
Set your mind to equalize
Put your feet shoulder width apart
Breath in now its about to start
So tell me right now
Cause I need to know the truth
My reasoning starts cause there's blood dripping from your tooth
Did you set flame to this fire
Your bleeding gums portray you as a liar
As you can see I am not a buyer
Like a worm you'll crawl, like a loser you'll fall
Your Bleeding Gums tell all
Track Name: Keeper of the Clock
The crystal tears in her eyes
The sun setting while opening the sky
So why don't you show me, no mercy
Leave time behind let yourself shine
But time goes along with philosophy
Bitch i told you not to fuck with me
So protect me and kill she
For she is the one who wont let you be
Fucking look at me and I'll break out in discrepancy
This is who I am and not who i'm supposed to be
Please keep talking shit
So I can trace your body in chalk
You Mother Fucker i'm the Keeper of the Clock
Track Name: Sleep Tight
"So sick and fucking bitter
I refuse to read between the lines.
My temper is a trap and your just the lucky sap
that crossed me tonight"

Your own words are used as knives
To slice out your vocal chords
Cause I know where you sleep at night
Sleep Tight, Sleep Tight
My sanity is lost, my morale's are gone
And you are in my sight
Your own words are used as knives
Its too late too make things right
For all you know its your last night
Sleep Tight, Sleep Tight
Prepare your world for me
Dress your bed in red sheets
So I don't stain the white